zen hand drawing

Create our shop cards

When we talk to anyone that we opened a new brand, they often say “tell me the url” or “tell me your band name”. But as you know our brand name “zen hand drawing” is a bit too long to remember.(It should be good to guess what that is about though. Because hand drawing should be something drawing by hand, right?)

Then we created our shop cards. It’s really easy to check out what we are doing/selling for people who are interested in us because all information about us is written on the shop cards.

From now, what we need to do is just to pass our shop cards to them. Then they check our website when they have their free time.


What we want in the design is calm and beauty. we decided that we used a design based on Cherry blossoms shower from our iPad shoulder bags. The design needs something related to what we are doing so that we design the cherry blossoms and a flowing stream like they are drawn with a brush following Tegaki(hand drawn) Kyo-Yuzen techniques we use.
A shop card


We chose Washi-ish paper which is traditional Japanese paper made using fibers from the bark of the gampi tree, the mitsumata shrub and so on. The color is ivory white. That matches for our image of Japan.
On the back
A flowing stream is on the back with a catch phrase.
Cherry blossoms design

Hot foil

Hot foil printing is on some parts of cherry blossoms. We really wanted to express something related to “gold placing” in our shop cards too. I’m very satisfied with this work. Pretty good.
Hot foil
This hot foil printing looks very different when you look at it from a different angle. This is also what we like.

Special Thanks

Thanks to Mana from Web Creator Box and SuperPrint, we got very satisfying shop cards.