zen hand drawing

Using silks woven in Tango, Kyoto, Japan

Our iPad bags/cases made using 100% silk woven in Tango, Kyoto Prefecture’s northern area. We consider not only how it will feel against your skin but also how crests (woven patterns) make the designs stand out.

How we choose the cloth

By using high quality materials, we are able to realize a very high quality color palette. The cloth matches dyes very well so that we use them when we make Kimono too.

How we choose the crests(woven patterns)

All clothes we use have woven patterns. There are a various kinds of woven patterns so it takes time to decide which one is the right one. It’s very important to do the process before we make products. That’s because we might get ruined the design of our products if the crests doesn’t match it.
100% silk
This woven patterns are called “Sayagata” which comprises left/right-facing key fret patterns joined by lines. Chrysanthemums and orchids are also there.

1 roll is about 23meters/75.4ft

100% silk
Approximately, we can make 100 iPad bags/cases for 1 roll.

Since the number of people who wear kimono have decreased, the textile industry in Tango has the same problem of successors as we have. The fabrics have been used in only a restricted field of high grade Japanese clothes, such as Kimono. Thus, we use only Japanese silks for our products to contribute to the industry and culture.