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The order

I want to buy in your real store.
We only sell online here
Can I order by email or anything else?
No, you can’t. We only sell on etsy
I live in Japan. Do I also need to buy stuff on Etsy? Or do you have another online store in Japan?
If you live in Japan, please use our online store here.

The payment

What types of payments do you accept?
We accept only PayPal payments.


How much does it cost to ship items?
It costs to ship $20 per item everywhere.
How long does it take to receive items I ordered?
Generally speaking, packages usually can take 7-10 business days up to 3.5 weeks to deliver from Japan. Be aware that delays caused by Custom Offices may be the cause your package is delayed. Unfortunately we have no control over this matter and cannot be held responsible for any delay.
Are you responsible for duties and customs charges?
No. Please note that buyers are responsible for any and all duties and customs charges that may be incurred.


Is it possible to refund items I bought?
If you are not satisfied with your purchase in any way, you may return it.
Returns must be made within 3 days of being received. Items must be unused and in original condition. Items must be returned via registered mail.

Please be aware that shipping charges will not be refunded, only the purchase price of the items that is being returned unless item is faulty.

How to maintain

Is it okay to wash?
We use pure silk for our items. Our silk is very delicate. Please do not wash or tumble dry to prevent dark colors from fading the dye or discoloring it. It’s also good to hold its shape.
How do I remove stains from silk?
We use our silk with durable water repellent and antifouling which is not easy to get dirty. But if it gets dirty or gets stains, pat them gently with a towel after wring water out of it ASAP. Please do not rub the stain because of the sensitivity of silk.


I want to ask something else.
We always welcome your questions or feedback here.