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iPad bag

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An iPad bag made using 100% silk woven in Tango, Kyoto Prefecture’s northern area.

Of course, you can use it not only for carrying your iPad or other tablet PC, but also as a shoulder or clutch bag for when you go out.

On the outside of the bag are three pockets for quickly inserting and pulling out your cell phone, note pad, pen, and other handy items. On the inside is one pocket for putting away your coins, bills, credit cards, and other valuable items.

The patterns and designs are all hand painted, so the painted material is different for each bag. As a result, in all the world this bag is one of a kind, yours alone.

7 designs/6 colors

Like nowhere else, our five high standards

1.One of a kind

No molds or machines are used, all our designs are hand drawn, and their location on the material is different for every product. For this reason, every product is “one of a kind, a bag just for you“.

2.Using high quality silk woven in Tango, Kyoto, Japan

We use material from Otsuka, a company established in the second year of the Kyoho era (1717).
By using high quality materials, we are able to realize a very high quality color palette.
For its use as a bag, we consider how it will feel against your skin in choosing the best materials.

3.Modern gold leaf

We add gold leaf accents to the bag’s design.
Gold leaf is, as the name implies, “painting with gold”. In order to bring out more vivid colors in Tegaki(hand drawn) Kyo-Yuzen, we use gold and silver foil, and metal powder in our production process.
If the bag is too flashy, the colors we have worked so hard to create will be ruined. So, to create a well balanced gold foil image the sense of a skilled craftsman is needed.

4.A Relaxing Color Palette

In Tegaki(hand drawn) Kyo-Yuzen, it is relatively easy to bring out bright colors, but to bring out colors of true depth the intuition and techniques of years of experience are necessary.
To create subtle differences in color, dye is added drop by drop, to finally create depth of color.

5.Soft cow leather straps

We hold a high standard for not only our bag’s materials, colors, and production, but also in the leather we use.
Our high quality domestic cow leather can be used for a long time, bringing out that special feel of real leather.