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Blissful moment

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The language of the wisteria flower tells of a time of bliss.
Viewing a blossoming wisteria by the seaside from the outside brings the image of a relaxing time.
By drawing three wisteria flowers, each with different colors, we express the depth and breadth of the image.

Name iPad bag-“Blissful moment”
Price $199.99
Design Wisteria with a flowing stream
Approx Dimensions 9.4″H x 11.8″W (24cm x 30cm)
Compatibility All iPad models
iPad1, iPad2, iPad3, iPad4, iPad mini and iPad Air
Approx Weight 0.22lbs(100g)
Bag Material Main: 100% Silk(coated a water repellent)
Lining: Polyester 100%
Pockets Outside: 3pockets(2 pockets and 1 pocket for a pen)
Inside: 1 pocket
Approx Strap Length/Width 39.7″L/0.5″W (101cm x 1.2cm)
Features six holes for adjustment (each 1.6″/4cm apart)
Approx Strap Weight 1.2oz/0.08lbs(35g)
Strap Material 100% Genuine Leather(vegetable tanned)
Country of origin Japan

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When you put it on

Made by hand

With traditional Tegaki(hand drawn) Kyo-Yuzen dyeing techniques, we make all products by hand without using a machine one by one.
More information about Tegaki(hand drawn) Kyo-Yuzen here.


Yellow, Green, Blue, Purple, Red and Grey.

Shoulder straps

Choose between black and caramel colors for the shoulder strap.

This shoulder strap is made with raised cow hide leather which has been tanned with vegetable tannin that contains no harmful compounds. As almost no dyeing or coating has been done to the leather, it has the feel of pure leather, and it has the special character of a leather that can be used for a very long time.

The leather has been made soft through treatment, so you won’t feel much of a burden even if you wear it a long time.


The outer lining of the bag is 100% woven with the highly scarce silk of Kyoto’s Tango region.
The inner lining is made with a specially resin treated polyester, creating a material that is wrinkle resistant.

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*Although a water repellent coating has been applied, the bag is not completely waterproof.
*The water repellent effect may weaken from frequent use.
*To prevent color loss, please avoid washing the bag.
*Do not iron.
*The actual product may appear to have different hues than in the printed photograph due to lighting differences. Also, colors may appear differently due to the type of PC monitor you are using. Please be aware of these facts in advance.
*Description of products are based on measurements of one item. Please be aware that there may be some variations within the same product.
*Although this bag contains cushioning, we cannot completely guarantee that it will protect items stored in it. We take no responsibility for damage, breaking, or loss of data in these items.